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Laser Party Review

Laser Party is an app developed by Cross Link. Laser Party was first published on . It is available for Steam.

Laser Party is an online/local friendship-ruining party game With a unique laser combining system.


  • Unique laser combine system, combining lasers to beat others
  • Last two players can be survived, means each player can team up in dynamic to beat the strongest guy
  • Cyber-Cthulhu style Boss with Procedural Animations
  • 1 to 4 PLAYERS in either Local or Online Multiplayer, and Voice opened by default.
  • 80 Levels with PVEVP design
  • Lovely AI, you can play alone as practice, your friends can join you anytime
  • Replay System, Let you catch funny moment

As humans become more aware of the world, we are getting smaller. Until the civilization developed into a certain day, the ancient gods woke up in a deep sleep. The biggest turning point in human destiny began. People called that day the "end of civilization.That's the story begin.

Basic Score Rule:
The last two survived will both get 1 basic point, including died. So you can make a suicide attack when 3 players rest.
Combining laser to damage ship/missile/boss will also get 1 basic point.
The higher score will get more achievement, and your steam user name will put in global leaderboard.

How to calculate score each time:
Final Score = basic point * (Chapter Factor + Chapter Counter)

Chapter Counter is 1, and will increase by 1 when system switch to next chapter. So the player who join game later can catch up with the early joined player.
Chapter Factor is relate with the Chapter itself, for example, this factor in boss chapter is 10.
So if Boss Chapter is the fifth chapter, each time you damage boss, you will get:
Final Score = 1 * (10 + 5) = 15

Hi, I'm fonzie liu, a solo developer from ShenZhen.
You can follow my twitter @FonzieLiu or discuss laser party on reddit(r/LaserParty).

Laser Party

4.2 / 5

Laser Party Logo
Author: Cross Link
Size: 400 MB available space

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