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Pirates? Pirates! Review

Pirates? Pirates! is an app developed by Amrita Studio. Pirates? Pirates! was first published on . Pirates? Pirates! is accessible on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

Pirates? Pirates! is a Reigns-inspired pirate survival RPG. You are a pirate captain in charge of your ship and crew on the most dangerous adventure of all seas. Fight your way ahead, sort out emergencies, and discover legendary treasures!


  • Non-Linear Storyline: Playing as the pirate captain haunted by a powerful ghost, you will make high-stake choices eventually bringing you to one of the two endings. Will you rise to glory or get cursed?
  • Resources Management: To progress on this exciting journey, you need to balance the four basic resources: Crew, Ship, Treasury, and Fame.
  • Pirate Humor: The behavior and remarks of your crew members will put your composure to test, making you boil and laugh your guts out in turns!
  • Elaborated World: Meet over 60 unique characters, learn their stories, and help them… or just tell them to get lost.
  • Rich Contents: Over 2,000 cards to interact with, standing for characters, events, items, and islands.
  • Explore for Treasures: There are always more islands to discovers, and more buried chests to dig out, but the jungle is treacherous. Follow the directions on the pirate map to avoid all the perils and traps and become rich as a king!
  • Fight Enemies: Duel other pirates and board their ships. Using your saber and guns, defeat the crew and the captain to plunder the enemy ship and loot all their gold!


    Make decisions by dragging a card to the left or to the right. Each decision will affect one or more resource bars (Crew, Ship, Treasury, and Fame). Take care to keep all bars at the golden mean! If either becomes full or empty, you will die and have to restart the game. Unlock more events, and collect valuable items, by completing the tasks at hand.

    Battle Experience

    • Naval Battle: Ship battles are turn-based. Give commands to move your ship around and fire.
    • Close Combat: You enter the close combat mode when boarding an enemy ship. Use firearms and blades to destroy the opponents and win.

Pirates? Pirates!

3.5 / 5

Pirates? Pirates! Logo
Author: Amrita Studio
Size: 1 GB available space

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